Several studies of the International Energy Agency (IEA) claim that the total amount of energy demanded by the industrial sector as heat is approximately 74% and the remainder is equivalent to electrical demand.

Around 48% of the total heat needed in industry is for high-temperature applications and this sector is responsible for about 22% of global CO2 emissions.  Out of these, 40% (about 10% of total emissions) comes from fossil fuels.

In the configuration in which the Magaldi technology is intended for the exclusive generation of thermal energy, takes the name of Magaldi STEM-CST, acronym of Concentrated Solar Thermal plant.

The heat produced by the STEM-CST system can feed part of the industrial process heat demand (IPH), obviously in areas where the minimum requirements of DNI (Direct Normal Irradiation) are met and there is enough space available. The thermal energy from STEM-CST is defined as "renewable heat" which, if inserted inside highly energy-intensive industrial plants that consume considerable quantities of fossil fuels, is able to decarbonize all or part of its thermal energy demand.

Thanks to the wide range of temperatures reached by the sand, the field of application of STEM-CST technology is very wide. It is therefore able to cover most of the applications in the industrial thermal sector.

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