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Magaldi Green Energy

We are building the path to Energy Transition developing Breakthrough Storage Technologies capable of decarbonizing the industrial sector and providing flexibility services for the electrical grid.

The skyrocketing renewables capacity will imply more curtailments: the Magaldi mission is to store energy from 4 to 10 hours and supply it on demand in the form of green heat and power.

For a full Energy Transition we believe renewable energy surpluses & waste heat are precious resources. We have in fact patented breakthrough Thermal energy storage technologies, the most advanced on the global market, that enable an increase of flexibility in renewable energy production and in the industrial thermal demand, in order to maximize energy values.


Come to market:

  • MGTES is a Thermal energy Storage system that uses thermal and electrical energy for the charging phase to release them on demand. The main applications are: Green Heat generation, Increased flexibility in thermoelectric power plants, Power to Power applications.
  • STEMCSP is a Concentrated solar power technology for production, on demand, of renewable energy.


  • STEM-CST is a Concentrated solar power technology for production, on demand, of thermal energy for industrial application.

Our Thermal energy Storage technology is a modular solution capable of meeting the needs of each Customer. Each module features a thermal energy capacity range between 5 and 100 MWh, with a discharging duration of 4 to overcome 10 hours. To obtain different discharge times and storage capacities up to the order of GWh, it is possible to couple several modules covering a larger application field. Thanks to its features, MGTES represents a Long Thermal Storage solution with a duration of up to 30 years, capable of playing an important role in the global decarbonization process.

Energy from the Sand

Our dependable technologies use silica sand as storage media, which permits high operating temperatures (up to 1200°). Our vision is to create dependable green technologies in full compliance with ESG and the circular economy;


to build our technologies we use mainly steel, glass and sand, that are abundant worldwide, have a low cost and are 100% recyclable materials. Our priority is to respect the environment and the future generations.

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Magaldi Power S.p.A. 

Incorporated in 1929, Magaldi is a leader in customized solutions to convey materials at very high temperatures and in severe process conditions, guaranteeing the highest dependability and environmental protection.

The Company has been able to secure more than 55 patents for proprietary technologies (of which 10 patents on STEM technology).
In the last decade, Magaldi has been developing innovative technologies in the renewable energy generation and storage sector

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Founded in 2021

Magaldi Green Energy is a start-up focused on the development and commercialization of innovative technologies in the field of renewable energy generation and storage: STEMCsp and MGTes (Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage).


Providing on-demand renewable energy to maximize the value, save fossil fuel consumption and reduce Co2 emissions are the benefits we offer to those who choose our products.

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