Green Energy Solutions


The Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage (MGTES) is a flexible, short and long duration, high temperature Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology that utilizes a fluidized bed of solid particles.  This system is capable of using both electricity and heat for the charging phase and then it releases energy in the form of heat when needed. 


The STEM-CSP (Solar Thermo-Electric Magaldi) is a patented Concentrated Solar Power technology developed by Magaldi, that produces renewable energy starting from solar radiation. This system is capable of providing both electrical and thermal energy with a useful life of 30+ years playing an important role in the global decarbonization goal.


Using the know-how acquired in the management of large industrial plants, since 2008 Magaldi has entered the business of photovoltaic, building on the roof of the production plant  Magaldi Power S.p.A., the largest photovoltaic plant of Italy on the roof of the maximum power of 2 MWp.