Thermal Energy Storage

Thermal Energy Storage

Provides the essential flexibility to integrate high shares of solar and wind power.

Thermal Energy Storage systems are essential to achieve net-zero economies as they enable a number of industries - including pulp and paper, food, textile and chemical - to make the transition from fossil fuels to a competitive and reliable green heat energy generation.

MGTES helps to achieve the decarbonization of industrial processes and power systems on the path to sustainable development.

MGTES function process

MGTES technology

MGTES is a patented and innovative high-temperature system for thermal energy storage, based on a fluidized sand bed. Once charged with renewable electrical energy, the system is able to store clean energy for hours, days or even weeks to release 24/7 high temperature thermal energy on demand, continuously or not.

MGTES, your Made in Italy sand battery

MGTES use fluidizable solid silica sand particles, which are stable up to over 1000°C, as storage material. The fluidization system is a crucial component to maximize thermal energy transfer during the charging and discharging of the MGTES. When the system is operating in the charging and discharging modes, air is forced through the sand bed, which becomes fluidized, with the result of significantly enhancing the heat transfer mechanism and internal diffusivity.

The MGTES system operates in three phases:

Charge: Solid particles bed can be heated by using electrical heaters or high temperature fluid. In this phase, the fluid bed is active to enhance the heat transfer.

Storage: The fluidization is switched off, and the sand packs at the bottom of the module allowing the absorbed energy to be stored for days or even weeks. Energy losses are minimized due to the lack of convection and the tank’s insulation, which restricts heat exchange with the exterior of the casing.

Discharge: The integrated heat exchanger embedded within the fluidized bed of sand particles is reversed to discharge the system. Activating the fluid bed, accumulated energy is released by means of in-bed heat exchangers, to the heat transfer fluid typically superheated steam (up to 600 °C) or other high temperature fluids required by industrial processes (such as hot air).


Modular technology

The modular design of the MGTES technology offers significant flexibility to suit the demands of the  customers in terms of process temperatures, storage times, and demand patterns. By selecting the mass of solid particles contained in each module, thermal storage capacity of a single module can be configured over a wide range starting from 5 MWh to 100 MWh

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Decarbonisation of high temperature industrial processes

MGTES represents the bridge between the power and industrial sector, responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions. 74% of energy demand of industry is used for process heat. MGTES produces green superheated steam (or other high temperature fluid) for a wide range of industrial applications: Food and beverage, Pulp and paper, Chemical, Desalination

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