Research & Development

Research and Development

In collaboration with prestigious Research Institute and Universities

Magaldi Green Energy team is pursuing an ambitious project to constantly improve its technologies that have the right credentials to revolutionize the renewable energy sector.

We collaborate with the most important public research institutions: l’Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, l’Università La Sapienza di Roma, the CNR, Enea, Fraunhofer Institute, Sandia Laboratories, Adelaide University. The attention to the needs of our customers is fundamental for us, starting from the constant analysis of an increasingly competitive international market, we develop new products with an open innovation approach in collaboration with customers, partners and research bodies to implement increasingly cutting-edge applications both for the decarbonisation of industries and for the flexibility of the electricity system.

Creativity is the key element of our DNA, at the base of our innovation.

The team of researchers of the Magaldi Group has thus obtained the registration of over 9 patents filed worldwide. We can call ourselves real pioneers in the energy market, with our ideas we are promoters of new possibilities and visions, all in the perspective of a real circular economy.

Given the importance of innovation each year, the Group invests in research about 5% of its total annual turnover, a value three times higher than the 3% suggested by the European Union in the "Lisbon Strategy of 2000".  A large part of these investments are in the renewable energy and storage sectors, for which a dedicated working group has been set up, consisting of 15 highly specialized engineers, researchers and Phd professors.

The European Investment Bank (EIB), one of the world’s largest providers of climate finance, has provided solid support to our projects. The EIB signed a few agreements with leading European innovators with the purpose of collaborating with the development and the eventual financing of their project that will contribute to address climate change. EIB, under a partnership with the European Commission, delivered through the InnovFin Advisory program, strategic financial advice and support to Magaldi to help prepare the first-of-its-kind climate action projects for eventual financing.

A Research&Innovation fund developed by EIB and Miur and managed by the Banco di Sardegna and Sinloc, has granted a loan for the industrialization of our technology of Thermal Energy.

Magaldi is also part of the Consortium that works on the project coordinated by Enea, SOLARGRID (Thermodynamic and photovoltaic solar systems with storage for co-generation and grid flexibility). Project plans to develop innovative and improved solutions for systems and components related to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Concentrated PhotoVoltaics (CPV) technologies, with the aim to enhance their energetic performances and economic competitiveness for distributed generation of both electric and thermal energy. Among the various actions planned, there is the increasing of the capacity of thermal storage and more flexible heating systems (