EU Agrifood Week in Italy: MGE for an “energetic resilience”

19 May 2022

EU Agrifood Week in Italy: MGE for an “energetic resilience”

MGE - Magaldi Green Energy is among the guests of EU Agrifood Week, ten days of initiatives focused on creating a sustainable “European One Health” by growing a more resilient and inclusive Food System with events, meetings, and debates that will focus on the strategic role of the European agri-food sector.

The EU Agrifood Week will meet a wide audience from 19 to 29 May 2022: young people, farmers, agri-food industry leaders, policymakers, journalists, the world of science and research, innovators, investors, and startups.

The theme of food will be approached from different points of view starting from culture and identity, through the aspect of care of the territory, resources, biodiversity, and landscape, and then focusing on food diplomacy, health, and lifestyle.

The locations of the Week will be Napoli, Procida, Pollica, Sapri, Piana del Sele and Capaccio Paestum.

Do not miss the date with MGE, scheduled on 21 may at Castello dei Principi Capano in Pollica, district of Salerno!

Letizia Magaldi - Executive Vice President of Magaldi Green Energy, will attend the meeting “Decarbonizing for energetic resilience” together with Andrea Cotrufo - Chairman Quantum Investments, Michele Falce - Responsible for agricultural production and services of Novamont and director of Mater-Agro, Silvio Petrone of Miras Energia, Stefano Pisani, Mayor of Pollica.

Decarbonizing for energetic resilience” is one of the meetings of “RegenerAction EU” to work on the objective of finding a way out to create a better environmental, social, and economic scenario with experts from around the world to share visions and best practices, and spread the opportunities and actions that the NEXT GENERATION EU is putting in place to Regenerate Europe, the engine of change and balance of the world.

Subjects of the Week will be the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as the EU Biodiversity Protection Strategy, and in particular the "From Farm to Fork" Strategy as primary drivers behind the European Green Deal. If successful, this deal will allow Europe to become the first neutral continent in terms of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.



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Young people across Europe are demanding EU-wide changes to transform the food system to be more sustainable, including promoting regenerative agriculture, defining uniform nutrition and labeling guidelines, and making food systems more inclusive. Food, Agriculture and Environment. These three elements, now inseparable, represent the primary needs of humanity. Only the magical harmony among their individual needs, often in opposition, can guarantee a future for the planet.

Thinking about the future of food today means rethinking production models and the roles of the protagonists of the agro-food industry - farmers. Additionally, there is the need to consider industries and how they will be able to generate a revolutionary change in the way they produce food while optimizing their resources, which are those provided by nature: water, energy, and soil.

As the world stands by, powerless witness to the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine, the cascading effects have already begun to ripple out impacting global food systems, energy and climate, economies, and myriad other facets of life in the farthest corners of the world.

With no deals or agreements being reached at the geopolitical level, the effects of the war are sharpening their peaks not only in Europe but all over the world, across the food, energy, climate, and other contexts that touch the everyday lives of people far from Ukraine. 

The Week will try to provide guidelines and answers to these fundamental questions for the future of the planet.

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