Magaldi Green Energy among "Best Practices for Green Transition" at COP28

05 December 2023

Magaldi Green Energy among "Best Practices for Green Transition" at COP28

COP 28, Sustainab-ITALY. Italian proposals for a greener future.

Made in Italy Green Heat for the decarbonization of industries: Magaldi's technology among "Best Practices for Green Transition" at UN Conference in Dubai, UAE.

On December 6, 2023, in the backdrop of the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai, some of Italy's most cutting-edge technological solutions for energy transition will take the stage. Magaldi Green Energy is among the companies invited to participate in the "Sustainab-ITALY: Italian Proposals for a Greener Future" event by the Italian Trade Agency ICE.

The panel will focus on the "Best practices of collaboration in the green Transition", dedicated to highlighting successful experiences and collaborations between UAE and Italian companies. For the Magaldi Group, Letizia Magaldi, Executive Vice President of Magaldi Green Energy, will speak.

The meeting will be attended by Daker El-Rabaya, CEO of Waste Processing and Treatment (BEEAH), Donatella Scarpa, CEO of Ecolibrì, Yeliz Tufekcioglu Kucukaltan, Regional Director Europe & Middle East at SACE.

The proceedings will be preceded by greetings from the Ambassador of Italy to the United Arab Emirates, Lorenzo Fanara, and the Director General of ICE-Agency, Lorenzo Galanti.

The primacies of Italy and the collaboration with the United Arab Emirates

Italy positions itself as a global leader in renewable energy technologies, ranking fourth worldwide and holding the prestigious position of number one in Europe in waste recycling. Italy has made significant progress in the ecological transition journey, achieving over 20% utilization of renewable energy sources against the European Union's 2030 target of 40%. This achievement places Italy as a virtuous example. It is within this framework that the initiative promoted by ICE aims to showcase cutting-edge Italian technologies to prominent UAE stakeholders during COP 28. The COP 28 event in Dubai provides a crucial platform to underscore Italy's commitment to global sustainability.

MGTES and STEM, sun and sand for industrial decarbonization

Magaldi Green Energy has developed and patented two primary technologies for energy production and storage: MGTES® - Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage and STEM®-CSP/CST solar thermo-electric Magaldi. MGTES® is a thermal battery based on a fluidized sand bed. The STEM®-CST technology is a concentrated solar power system for the accumulation and generation of on-demand green thermal energy, even in the absence of sunlight. Both technologies, the sand-based MGTES® thermal energy storage batteries and the concentrated solar heliostats STEM®, present effective and tangible solutions to reduce the use of fossil fuels and the dependence on non-renewable energy sources for industrial thermal applications. Heat accounts for approximately 45% of energy-related emissions and over 50% of the global energy consumption across all sectors. Industrial applications constitute the largest share of heat consumption, amounting to 40% of the total heat demand, with approximately 70% of this demand currently met by fossil sources (NET-Zero Heat, LDES-McKINSEY, 2022 - LINK).


The MGTES - Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage technology has been developed by the Magaldi Group over more than ten years of theoretical and applied industrial research, leveraging expertise and experience in handling high-temperature solid materials—a field in which the Magaldi Group has been a global leader for almost a century.

Due to the intermittent nature of renewable resources, especially solar and wind, it is increasingly urgent to manage and make energy available to consumers continuously and reliably. To achieve this goal, the use of systems capable of modulating the production of renewable energy by "shifting" significant quantities from peak availability hours to periods of higher demand will be essential. Energy storage systems aim to address this need. MGTES is a world first energy storage patented system based on a fluidized sand bed that uses silica sand and steel to store energy produced by renewable sources, both electric and thermal, in the form of heat.

Capable of storing intermittent renewable energy, MGTES releases thermal energy steadily up to 400 degrees, directly usable in industrial processes such as those in paper, food & beverage, plastic, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

The sand fluidization system offers significant advantages: large thermal storage capacities (up to the order of GWh); high thermal efficiency; rapid response times; no environmental impact due to the use of natural materials. Using a fluidized sand bed, MGTES is covered by European and global patents. The plant has a lifespan of 30 years and is zero-impact because it uses only reusable materials, such as silica sand and steel.

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