Magaldi Green Energy announces the appointment of Letizia Magaldi as Co-chair of the LDES Council's TES working group

08 April 2024

Magaldi Green Energy announces the appointment of Letizia Magaldi as Co-chair of the LDES Council's TES working group

Magaldi Green Energy is thrilled to announce that Letizia Magaldi, Executive Vice President of Magaldi Green Energy, has been appointed as the Co-chair of the TES Thermal Energy Storage working group under the LDES Long Duration Energy Storage Council. This prestigious nomination underscores Magaldi Group commitment to advancing the frontier of sustainable energy technologies and reinforces the pivotal role of thermal energy storage in the global industrial energy transition.

The TES working group will be dedicated to propelling the research, development, deployment, and integration of long-duration thermal energy storage solutions, by focusing on identifying the key challenges, opportunities, stakeholders, and innovative solutions within the TES sector, and steering the worldwide energy industry towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

The primary objectives of the LDES TES Working Group will include:

Promoting the sharing of crucial research materials related to TES to spur innovation and progress.

Conducting comprehensive analyses of market trends, policy impacts, and the economic viability of thermal storage technologies.

Performing in-depth reviews of thermal storage case studies to extract valuable insights and opportunities.

Encouraging knowledge sharing, collaboration, and capacity building among industry experts, academic institutions, and governments on a global scale.

Championing policies and regulations that support the widespread deployment of thermal storage solutions.

By identifying market barriers and formulating strategies to overcome them, the LDES TES working group aims to accelerate the adoption of thermal energy storage innovations. Moreover, the TES working group places a strong emphasis on promoting the environmental and economic benefits of TES thermal energy storage innovations, supporting the industrial green transition towards sustainable energy systems that are not only resilient but also environmentally responsible and economically viable.

Letizia Magaldi's leadership as Co-chair of the TES working group is a testament to her expertise and dedication to sustainable energy solutions as VP of Magaldi Green Energy, a pioneering company, the world's first to secure a patent for a thermal energy storage solution designed for industrial use, based on fluidized sand bed technology: MGTES - Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage.

At Magaldi Green Energy, we are proud to support Letizia Magaldi’s crucial endeavor and look forward to the impactful outcomes that will stem from this collaborative effort. Together, we are paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient industrial energy future.

"LDES long-duration energy storage is emerging as a pivotal element for the forthcoming global renewable industry, with a focus on accessible and affordable green solutions" says Letizia Magaldi. "As a pioneer in the development of the first TES thermal ener-gy storage battery that uses simple sand for heavy industrial applications, Magaldi Green Energy has been fully committed to the LDES Council initiatives, initially as a member of the LDES Council's board of directors and now as a participant in the TES working group. We believe that green heat is not merely a goal for the future, but a present-day achievement. With a long-term outlook, investing in renewable energy represents an unparalleled opportunity that we must not miss”.

For more information about the TES Working Group and its initiatives, please visit the LDES Council website.

Join us in congratulating Letizia Magaldi on her appointment and in supporting the vital work of the TES Working Group.

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