Magaldi Green Energy attends Renmad Storage Italia 2024: A focus on profitable energy storage projects in Italy

16 April 2024

Magaldi Green Energy attends Renmad Storage Italia 2024: A focus on profitable energy storage projects in Italy

Magaldi Green Energy attends Renmad Storage Italia 2024: A focus on profitable energy storage projects in Italy

Magaldi Green Energy is participating in the inaugural edition of Renmad Storage Italia, hosted by Ata Insights. The event is taking place today and tomorrow, April 16 and 17, at the Holiday Inn in Rome.

The Renmad Storage Italia 2024 acts as an essential forum where more than 30 industry experts will exchange knowledge on how to develop, finance, construct, and oversee profitable large-scale storage projects. This conference aims to uncover the potential of the market and illustrate how investments can drive significant changes in Italy’s pathway to a green industrial transition.Inizio modulo

Letizia Magaldi, Executive Vice President of Magaldi Green Energy, will participate in a panel discussion on "The role of LDES – Long Duration Energy Storage in the Italian Electrical System".

The session will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with LDES Long Duration Energy Storage innovations in the Italian market. It will assess various competitive technological options for long-duration energy storage and address the design, development, and obstacles encountered in such projects.

Insights will be drawn from case studies of LDES projects utilizing technologies like our MGTES Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage and STEM-CSP Solar Thermo-Electric Magaldi.

Powering progress: the critical role of energy storage in Italy's renewable transition by 2050

Energy storage is essential for enabling industrial widespread adoption of renewable energy sources. Government plans universally acknowledge the central role of energy storage within the electrical system, setting specific targets for 2030 and 2050 within the European context.

As Italy integrates more solar and wind installations into its national grid, the demand for energy storage has significantly increased. This surge is driven by the need to stabilize the grid and store excess energy produced during times of peak generation. However, not all technologies are considered mature enough to play a significant role in the Italian market in the coming years. In the medium to long term, long-duration energy storage is critical in meeting the system's demand and flexibility.

Terna states that Italy must add around 71 GWh of new industrial-scale storage capacity by 2030 to align its energy system with EU decarbonization targets. This entails a substantial rollout of approximately 19 GW of large-scale storage capacity over the same period.

Although the outlook for the energy storage market in Italy appears promising, the journey is riddled with obstacles and uncertainties. The Italian Ministry of Environmental and Energy Security MASE is working to simplify the regulatory framework overseeing energy storage projects. Yet, ongoing regulatory uncertainties and technological issues continue to cloud the development of a clear and practical business model for these projects in the country. However, as the government moves forward with implementing new regulations and establishing auctions, the business case for energy storage in Italy is expected to grow stronger.

The inaugural Renmad Storage Italia offers a vital platform to engage with cutting-edge technologies, underscoring its importance as a can't-miss event for industry leaders.

Our solutions are custom-designed to power the renewable revolution in industries, tapping into the potential of a rapidly expanding market and positioning themselves at the forefront of Italy's energy revolution.


The power of sand: MGTES as a superior long-duration energy storage solution

MGTES is a Long Duration Energy Storage solution based on a fluidized bed of silica sand. It is suitable for both Power-to-Heat and Power-to-Heat-to-Power applications, efficiently converting and storing variable and low-cost renewable electricity into fossil-free heat. MGTES can be safely heated to temperatures above 600°C and is designed for an optimal target period of 30 years of charge and discharge cycles. It can be connected to any energy source, also leveraging surplus availability. This system generates 24/7 green industrial heat for virtually any application that uses steam in the preferred temperature range of 150-400°C, helping to drastically reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Betting on the Sun: Magaldi' STEM-CSP for industrial decarbonization

STEM-CSP Solar Thermo-Electric Magaldi is a patented Concentrated Solar Power technology developed by Magaldi, that produces renewable energy starting from solar radiation. This system is capable of providing both electrical and thermal energy with a useful life of 30+ years playing an important role in the global decarbonization goal.

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