Magaldi Green Energy joins the RENMAD STORAGE ITALIA 2024

21 February 2024

Magaldi Green Energy joins the RENMAD STORAGE ITALIA 2024

Magaldi Green Energy joins the RENMAD STORAGE ITALIA 2024

We are glad to announce that Letizia Magaldi – Executive Vice President of Magaldi Green Energy – will attend as speaker at the first edition of RENMAD STORAGE ITALIA 2024, that will take place in Rome on April 16-17, 2024.

Right now, Italy is one of the most attractive energy storage systems markets. According to the Italian Transmission Operator (TSO) TERNA the grid needs about 71 GWh of new utility-scale storage capacity by 2030 for the country to decarbonize its energy system and align with EU targets. This means a massive deployment of around 19 GW of large-scale energy storage capacity by 2030.

That is way Ata insights has decided to hold its first event dedicated to Energy Storage in Italy.


The event brings together the leading companies and institutions that are building the Italian energy storage industry, with a panel of 30+ expert speakers and 180+ high-level professionals. 

RENMAD STORAGE ITALIA 2024 represents a not-to-be-missed opportunity to dive deep into the upcoming Italian energy storage capacity auctions, learn more about alternative energy storage technologies, and get to know case studies of energy storage projects in Italy and abroad.

Magaldi Green Energy at RENMAD STORAGE ITALIA 2024

Focuses of the event will include discussing the different technology options for long-life energy storage, from thermal, electrochemical, mechanical, and chemical, and understanding their strengths and challenges for developing your own competitive LDES projects.

Another important topic will cover LDES projects employing technologies such as concentrated solar power (CSP), compressed air, and vanadium flow batteries were implemented with the support of a power generation company.

Within these discussions, Letizia Magaldi has been invited to speak about Magaldi Group's experience in thermal energy storage, presenting our MGTES solution – Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage.

MGTES, the Thermal Energy Storage to decarbonize industrial processes

MGTES is a worldwide patented and innovative high temperature system for thermal energy storage, based on a fluidized sand bed. Charged by renewable electrical energy, the system stores clean energy for hours, days or even weeks to release high temperature thermal energy on demand, continuously or not.

Using fluidizable silica sand particles (stable over 1000°C) as heat storage media, MGTES technology offers a quick solution to the need to decarbonize industrial processes and to replace gas.

During charging phase, a system of resistors heats up to 620°C the bed of fluidized solid particles and, during discharging phase, steam generators immersed in the sand release steam at a temperature of 180° C up to 350 C to be fed into the plant's industrial processes (food & beverage, pulp & paper, tobacco, chemical).

See you at RENMAD STORAGE ITALIA 2024 to learn more about our technologies here

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