MGTES, gas substitute "FOR ENERGY TRANSITION" Symbola Seminar

26 July 2022

Decarbonisation of the industrial sector, thermal energy storage is the perfect candidate to replace gas, accelerate energy transition and gradually give up on fossil fuels, betting on green, clean and sustainable heat. 

We already know that in 2050, 50 percent of global energy storage will be long-duration energy storage. 

Magaldi Green Energy's patented MGTES technology - among the world's first green thermal energy storage system - anticipates the great challenge of these times: a completely environment-friendly storage solution for industrial application for thermal energy generation from 150 - 400 as first application. Based on sand, MGTES accumulates renewable electricity and releases it as thermal energy and has competitive costs, already lower than those of gas. 

Fifteen engineers from Magaldi Green Energy have worked for years on the project to make it sustainable and centered on a simple but efficient material that retains heat up to six hundred degrees for days and weeks, a completely green system designed for the industrial and commercial needs. 

All topics faced by Letizia Magaldi, Executive Vice-President of Magaldi Green Energy, at the conference "FOR ENERGY TRANSITION" organized by the Symbola Foundation, chaired by Ermete Realacci, President of the Symbola Foundation, and conducted by Elena Comelli, journalist of Corriere della Sera.

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MGE stands "For the Energy Transition", seminar promoted by Symbola Foundation

06 July 2022

From 7 to 9 July Symbola Foundation promotes "The strength of sustainability in Italy today - Cohesion, Innovation and Freedom”: three days of seminars to be followed live and online on the website held by a selected list of prominent personalities from the sectors of energy, innovation, ecology, culture and institutions. The appointment with Magaldi Green Energy is set for Friday 8 July from 3.30 pm in streaming and at the Municipal Theater of Treia, Marche, with the seminar entitled "For the Energy Transition", which will be attended by Letizia Magaldi, Executive Vice-President Magaldi Green Energy.

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Rina and Magaldi Green Energy join forces to further energy technology research and development

05 July 2022

RINA and Magaldi has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deepen the study, analysis and certification of the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) benefits of the Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage (MGTES - the innovative Magaldi-patented system to store renewable energy and release clean energy and green heat on demand), and to promote the development of new applications and projects across the industry sector. RINA and Magaldi will also cooperate to identify funded research opportunities and tools to access international investment projects in Europe and Italy, leveraging the mechanisms of the Italian National Program for Recover and Resilience (PNRR). An industrial pilot plant of MGTES will be constructed at the RINA Innovation Hub in Castel Romano, Rome, to reach those goals.  

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Join the SOLARGRID open seminar about CST with Antonio Scafuri, Magaldi Project Engineer

04 July 2022

"The role of concentrated solar thermal in the national energy mix - evolutions and systems developed within the SOLARGRID project" is the focus of the online seminar organized on Thursday 7 July from 14:30 by AEIT with the contribution of ENEA, which will be attended by Antonio Scafuri, Project Engineer of Magaldi Power, with the speech "Automation of hybrid solar systems with fluidized bed thermal storage, using STEM technology - Solar Thermo Electric Magaldi". Join the open seminar and register on the website in the "events and exhibitions" section!

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Energy Storage Webinar by ANIE, Massimiliano Masi among relators

29 June 2022

Save the date: today 29 June from 3 pm follow the webinar dedicated to the energy storage market, organized by ANIMP Energy Section, ANIE Federation, H2IT and OICE, in streaming on Microsoft Teams. The focus of the webinar is “Italy: Legislation, financing and technological solutions”. Among the speakers, Massimiliano Masi, General Manager of Magaldi Middle East, who will talk about “Long-term thermal energy storage systems”.

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