MGTES, gas substitute "FOR ENERGY TRANSITION" Symbola Seminar

26 July 2022

Decarbonisation of the industrial sector, thermal energy storage is the perfect candidate to replace gas, accelerate energy transition and gradually give up on fossil fuels, betting on green, clean and sustainable heat. 

We already know that in 2050, 50 percent of global energy storage will be long-duration energy storage. 

Magaldi Green Energy's patented MGTES technology - among the world's first green thermal energy storage system - anticipates the great challenge of these times: a completely environment-friendly storage solution for industrial application for thermal energy generation from 150 - 400 as first application. Based on sand, MGTES accumulates renewable electricity and releases it as thermal energy and has competitive costs, already lower than those of gas. 

Fifteen engineers from Magaldi Green Energy have worked for years on the project to make it sustainable and centered on a simple but efficient material that retains heat up to six hundred degrees for days and weeks, a completely green system designed for the industrial and commercial needs. 

All topics faced by Letizia Magaldi, Executive Vice-President of Magaldi Green Energy, at the conference "FOR ENERGY TRANSITION" organized by the Symbola Foundation, chaired by Ermete Realacci, President of the Symbola Foundation, and conducted by Elena Comelli, journalist of Corriere della Sera.

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Energy communities against the crisis: Letizia Magaldi will participate in Symbola Foundation Conference

01 December 2022

Tomorrow Friday 2 December, from 10 to 13 pm, in Mantova, at the MaMu Multicentre, the Symbola Foundation and the Tea Group organize the conference "Energy communities against the crisis - Empathy, technology and territories for a human-scale economy".  

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IBESA C&I Storage Conference hosts Letizia Magaldi as long duration TES technologies expert

10 November 2022

In the name of the International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance, IBESA and KEY ENERGY promote IBESA C&I Storage Conference thursday10 November 2022 from 2:30 pm at Rimini Exhibition Centre (Mimosa Room Pav. B6). Letizia Magaldi, VP of Magaldi Green Energy, is among the speakers.

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MGTES is a case history for AIET-CESI Seminar about "European Taxonomy"

02 November 2022

MGTES, the first worldwide patented innovation to exploit the thermal properties of sand to store and release on demand renewable energy - was illustrated by Magaldi Power Application Engineer Lorenzo Romagnoli at "European Taxonomy” seminar by AIET and CESI on 12 October 2022 in Milan.

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ItalAfrica Symposium, MGTES as a renewable resources-driven economic growth

25 October 2022

Tomorrow, Wednesday 26 October from 2 pm, Letizia Magaldi, Executive Vice President of Magaldi Green Energy, will participate in the special debate “Energy transition and renewable resources-driven economic growth”.

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