Total Renewable Energy is a tale of a decarbonized world, empowered by AI and supported by energy storage technologies

06 July 2023

Total Renewable Energy is a tale of a decarbonized world, empowered by AI and supported by energy storage technologies

"Total Renewable Energy: A Tale of a Decarbonized World, empowered by Artificial Intelligence" is the title of the first novel about energy transition during global warming escalationby Massimiliano Masi, General Manager for Magaldi Green Energy, spreading Magaldi solar and TES - Thermal Energy Storage - technologies worldwide.

A tale about decarbonization and climate solutions.

Through the stories of four characters, the author provides a compelling reflection on the urgent need to adopt widespread renewable energy systems such as Energy Storage Systems.

Drawing from technical insights and statistical and informational data, the novel encompasses a contemporary global challenge that impacts us all. Technologies, artificial intelligence, psychology, and practical steps, that can be taken, form the backdrop of the novel, providing it with a scientific and technological base that makes the book an enjoyable reading experience, while also informing and raising awareness about the increasingly pressing climate urgencies of the century.

Massimiliano Masi's novel explores various interconnected issues, such as the underestimating impact of the “normality bias” on our response to the too-frightening global crises (the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic was an example), the real conflict/collaboration scenario among renewable technologies, the fossil fuels status quo defending forces, and the inevitable, necessary role of AI in solving renewables intermittence and managing energy grid, with all the ethical and manipulative implications involved.

A new approach to inspire industrial decarbonization through new energy solutions.

With its multidisciplinary approach, the book brings together a collection of feasible ideas that can be inspiring to many. Each character in the book actively contributes to the central narrative, conveying a main concept: the informed awareness that there are no superheroes in the energy battle, who can single-handedly solve the impacts of climate change, and that it is critical to advocate for a diverse and integrated renewable energy-technologies system, especially in a context where no single solution alone can be a game-changer.

Total Renewable Energy – says author Massimiliano Masi - emphasizes the universal applicability of cutting-edge renewable energy technologies, particularly TES - Thermal Energy Storage ones, and the urge for global unity and cooperation to counter resistance to change. Through a multidisciplinary collaboration in addressing climate change, the main characters in my book are each specialized in different fields to revolutionize the renewable energy sector. We need open innovation to share knowledge and AI to forecast weather patterns, balance energy supply and demand, and maintain a seamless energy flow. I hope this book will inspire younger generations and decision-makers to act urgently in transitioning to zero-emission energy systems and efforts to make a decarbonized future a reality within the next 2 to 3 decades”.

"Total Renewable Energy: A Tale of a Decarbonized World, empowered by Artificial Intelligence” in now available on Amazon.

Both the book and the e-book will be soon available also in Italian.

About Massimiliano Masi, author of the book and GM of Magaldi Green Energy

Massimiliano Masi is a seasoned executive in the global energy industry, former CFO of Edison and CEO of Edipower. He later made a successful transition to become a Partner at the Boston Consulting Group in Dubai. Now Masi is General Manager of Magaldi Green Energy, driving the worldwide dissemination of Magaldi Green Energy solar and thermal energy storage technologies. One of this is Thermal Energy Storage MGTES, that use fluidizable solid silica sand particles.

The Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage (MGTES) is a flexible, high temperature, short and long duration Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology that utilizes a fluidized bed of solid particles.  This system can use both electricity and heat for the charging phase and then it releases energy in the form of heat when needed.

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